DisplayTunnel– more impact, faster set up!

With DisplayTunnel, you get a three-dimensional shape with higher visual impact than with the traditional flat sign systems.

The shape makes it effective both as a media and as demarcation/signpost, for instance at sports events.

The function is based on a specially adapted coil spring that we have sewn into a reflective fabric tunnel. The reflective surface gives extra lustre to the print in sunlight. The end pieces are made of light and strong channel plastic.

During windy conditions, you anchor it with the accompanying grip pegs. If you want to place it on a hard surface, you can hold it in place by placing weights in the inner pockets.

Anyone can use DisplayTunnel! All you need to do is open the bag, DisplayTunnel will do the rest by itself! Just imagine, no complicated manuals, no intractable screws or couplings, no tools. If you want to set it up in a ski slope, you don’t even need to take your gloves off.

DisplayTunnel – a whole new way to be seen!

Width: 62 cm
Hight: 58 cm
Length: 200 cm

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