Committed to Helping the Environment:

AKW Media Inc. believes that a healthy environment is essential for the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Furthermore, we recognize that it is our responsibility to preserve and protect the priceless natural resources of our planet.

Our new "GreenScreen" means immediate marketing with a “green” approach. Present messages anywhere within 30 seconds and know you are using the most environmental solution available. With the new GreenScreen you have the choice of reusing the display or recycle the aluminum at the end of its life. The digitally printed image provides outstanding quality on a biodegradable print media that contains no toxic substances and will begin to decompose after a month in a landfill. More than 80% of the contents is derived from sources other than petroleum. The image is printed using environmentally friendly inks eco-solvent inks. Use GreenScreen individually, or place several units beside each other to create a picture wall as wide as you wish. It weighs less than 15lbs and is accepted as carry-on luggage by most airlines.

Width: 33 7/16” Height: 78 3/4”

GreenScreen is available now! Contact us for details.

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