MediaScreen 2 Outdoor the world's first, outdoor, portable retractable display

This double-sided display is equipped with support feet and a flexible support pole that guarantees stability even in strong winds. It is manufactured from very high quality materials to resist wear and tear by weather and wind and can be used on almost any surfaces such as sand, snow, grass and asphalt. It is the perfect tool for all kinds of outdoor events or anywhere you need to bring your message. The MediaScreen 2 Outdoor has a patented pending.

* World's first fully retractable display for outdoor use
* High quality to resist wear and tear by weather and wind
* Can be used on almost any surfaces, eg sand, snow, grass, asphalt
* Double-sided for maximum exposure
* Only takes a few minutes to set up
Easy to carry with you in accompanying bags

Easy to set up: You can set up the MediaScreen 2 Outdoor in one minute.

Width: 33 7/16" (85 cm)
Height: 70 7/8" (180 cm)
Weight: 31 lbs. (14 kg)

Flexible in the Wind: MediaScreen 2 Outdoor has a resilient support pole for flexibility when windy. The foldable pole has a locking in the bottom to prevent rotation.

Support Feet for High Stability: To prevent the product from overturning in strong winds, it is equipped with support feet that you put on and take off in one simple operation.

Ground Stakes: Optional ground stakes are available for extra stability on soft surfaces such as snow or grass.

Bags: The MediaScreen 2 Outdoor is delivered in two padded black nylon bags.

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