QuickScreen 3 - with its unique design, this is our most popular retractable display

Choose a color to match your image - it is available in seven different colors. Its attractive and unique design adds an extra dimension of exclusivity, which thereby strengthens the impact of your message. When your image needs to be altered, it can easily be replaced by a new one with our patented removable graphic cassette.

* Available in 7 colors - choose one to match your image
* Unique shape and design
* A smart system makes it easy to change your image
* No support foot needed

Easy to set up: You can set it up the QuickScreen 3 in 30 seconds.

Width: 19 11/16", 33 7/16" and 39 3/8" (50, 85 & 100 cm)
Height: 70 7/8", 78 3/4" and 85 13/16" (180, 200 and 218 cm)
Weight: 8 - 12 lbs. (3,6 - 5,5 kg)

Colors: Choose a color to match your image - Quickscreen 3 is available in seven different colors: Amber, Green, Transparent, Red, Grey, Blue and Chrome. The QuickScreen 3 comes standard with grey end caps.

Graphic Exchange: QuickScreen 3 has in ingenious, patented, removable, graphic cassette system, which makes it easy for you to change your image in a few minutes.

Spotlight: A spotlight (50 W) is available as an accessory to further enhance your message.

Bag: Delivered in a padded black nylon bag with a shoulder strap.

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