StretchWall - Stretch your imagination with this inventive, versatile display. Choose from a multitude of combinations, then let the fun begin.

Arrange panels in novel ways, in 3D. Change your message by changing the panel. The button fastening system makes it easy to play around. Its lightweight magnetic lock frame lets it collapse easily, without needing to remove graphic panels.

StretchWall is accessory-friendly. Make it functional by adding a display shelf. Attach a spotlight to a configuration with a flat horizontal top.

Highly portable, this display system travels in its own chic black nylon bag.

On certain configurations, you can add a spotlight or display shelf to make a multi-functional display unit.

StretchWall, lightweight aluminum construction, painted in grey. Incl. hubs with buttons. Graphic panels and top shelf not included.

Double-sided and other configurations also available. Please ask about various configuration numbers.

* 50103 1x3 squares (Tower)
* 50204 2x2 squares (Wall)
* 50205 2x2 squares (Wall)
* 50206 2x3 squares (Wall)
* 50309 3x3 squares (Wall)
* 50301 2x1 squares (Triangle)
* 50405 2x2 squares (Star)
* 50501 3x3 squares (Pyramid)
50502 3x3 squares (Pyramid)

Base material: Grey Painted Aluminum - Graphic panel: Dye-sublimation on stretch fabric
Packaging: Carton Box or optional Bag

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