Easy to set up - You can set the Tower up in a few minutes.

Diameter: 26" (66 cm)
Height: 88 9/16" (225 cm)
Weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg)
Spotlights (External Lighting)

A cylinder shape that attracts extra attention

The Tower is a highly effective medium for attracting a little extra attention. On a small floor surface, the circular shape allows you to come up with different and creative solutions and is an excellent way of displaying your logo. To add more emphasis to the message, there are two lighting alternatives to choose from. The Tower comes in a practical nylon bag.

* Cylinder shape that stands out

* Perfect for displaying logo
* Excellent for attracting attention in a busy location
Diameter: 26" (66 cm). Height: 88 9/16" (225 cm)

Use spotlights as an accessory to highlight your image.
Fluorescent Lights (Internal Lighting)

Create a spectacular eye-catching display by back-lighting your Tower with fluorescent lights and panels of special backlit material (Duratrans).

Bag - The Tower is delivered in a padded black nylon bag.

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